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How to make a great picture from Google Bard for free The topic of creating pictures with artificial intelligence (AI) has become commonplace. Now there are many such tools on the internet, with the help of which you can create attractive pictures. Midjourney, delay, and stable diffusion are tools that can be used to create pictures based on words. However, you have to pay a fee to use these tools. Similarly, users with a general interest in technology may find these tools complicated.
Google has recently released a feature that allows you to create pictures through its chatbot, ‘Bard’. Today we’re going to discuss how to create great photos using Bard.
The process of creating an AI image using Google Bard is very simple. So far, Google has provided this feature for free. It is said that whatever picture you instruct the bard to make, it can make the same picture. However, you should mention the prompt clearly. Otherwise, the photo may not be ready according to your needs.
If you don’t like the image generated by the tool the first time, you can instruct it to generate more images by tapping on the ‘Generate More’ option. Or you can create a picture by placing another prompt.
According to Google, Bard has used a text-to-image diffusion model called ‘Imagine Two’ to create images by AI. Google has also placed a watermark on the photo to indicate that it was prepared by Bard. However, such a watermark cannot be easily distinguished by the human eye.
How to create an AI image using Google Bard
First of all, go to Bard’s website by clicking here.
Then tap on the ‘Sign In’ button.
After doing this, sign in using your Google account.
And this interface appears on your display.
Type the picture you want to make in the prompt box below (enter a prompt here). (For example Create a close-up and realistic photo of Nepal Airlines landing on a runway; include a mountain in the background.
You should clearly mention the wording when prompting Bard to create a picture. Include what kind of picture you need in the All Needs prompt. Bard pictures can be prepared in different art styles. According to Google, you can create pictures that look like they were painted from real pictures.

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