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How many days has the NP domain been approved by Google AdSenseHow many days has the NP domain been approved by Google AdSense

How many days has the NP domain been approved by Google AdSense It has been informed that it will be approved in Google Adsense within two to four weeks. If you have applied, then you have to follow up continuously, and you have to complete the settings. Nepalis do not even understand these things; he asked what should be done and what should not be done to get approved in Google Adsense.
Now the thing is, to apply for the NP domain, you have to update the daily post continuously, and after two weeks or one month of applying, you should apply to Google Adsense, and then you will receive an email from Google Adsense.
Many people make mistakes in the NP domain, and even when they make mistakes, they don’t understand these things. NP domains are easily approved by Google AdSense. But, as I said, if you guys do it, it will be yours easily.
What do Nepalis do? They update 15–20 posts in a day and then apply, but they don’t know how many days to apply or how long we will work. All YouTubers say the same thing. But even after you apply, you have to keep updating the posts.
Adson’s time means you will be approved within two to four weeks. But sometimes it gets approved quickly. This is done by teams, and it is done by an automatic system. If your site gets ads, you have to check your email from time to time; if you have been approved, you will receive a message saying congratulations; if not, you will receive an email message, and you will have to open your Google AdSense account and see it there. It tells you what mistake you have made.
In my opinion, the NP domain is easily approved on Google Adsense; it doesn’t matter if you apply confidently. So that you don’t have to check your email from time to time, you can get approved at any time. It doesn’t matter if you applied from Friday to Saturday to Sunday; your account will be approved at any time.
I’m going to tell you something. Before applying, you should have attractive content, think about these things in your posts and work according to them, and then apply. Many people have received messages with tempting content. And people are shocked. Why do they get such a message when they apply? Please write your original content as much as possible and write posts on attractive content.
After doing this, your Adense account is easily approved in the NP domain. There is no single threat in the NP domain that it will not get approved, even if you apply with confidence.

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