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My Tukche Travel in MustangMy Tukche Travel in Mustang

My Tukche Travel in Mustang since last September 24, I have been moving from vehicle bust from Pokhara to Tukche place in Mustang. I have been returning on September 28, 2023, from Tukche to Pokhara to move on there.  We have also taken our belongings. We didn’t even take a bus ticket to that place. We have been to that place since Simpani. We didn’t even know anything while going up. People like us also know everything about that place. We spent 8 hours in that place. And in between we also ate.

I was also happy for the people in that place. Not many people went to that place. And Bush Driver and Conductor were also funny people. It was easy for me to go. I and Father went together. Father’s personal work has also gone. After we worked at that place, we also went to Muktinath Temple. We had a plan to become a temple patron. According to the plan, we were not even finished. It didn’t even come in time for us.

After I reached that place I also felt cold. It was cold for us. There is an opinion that the people who hold for people in that place will take their season. There were no people at that place. The village was very fun to look at.

After reaching the first day, I also enjoyed it. The weather was good on the first day. The start weather was also a good one for us. In the middle, we were also disturbed by water. And the water didn’t just come in large amounts. The bus also went to Slow.

There was no one on the bus. The bus was full of people up to the waist. And after reaching Beni, there were fewer people. There were also other buses for people going up to Muktinath temple. Many people went to the reserve. I also saw Indians. After me, while visiting that village, many Indians took Nepali buses to visit Muktinath.

A broken place is good for us. Wind blows but not like Jomsom. If we are to work in Jomsom, we will not be allowed to work because of the weather. It was windy yesterday. It was not too big.

I didn’t even like to eat at that place. After waking up in the morning, I was also dizzy. And nothing happened to me that day. My stomach was fine during the day. In the morning I was disturbed by my stomach. There were potatoes in the kitchen and we had to eat their local potatoes. And we don’t even eat apples when we are winded, and we have to show our stomachs.

We went on September 24 and we went to Pokhara on September 28. We worked for two days. We had planned to go to Muktinath for two days, but the plan was too fickle for us, and we got stuck after the bus arrived on time. 

During the journey, we did not have any pain and we did not have any problems in between. In the middle, we did not even get caught in the bus. We did not have to stop at any place. People had to be kept in the middle because there was light rain in some places. If it had rained heavily, we would have had a lot of slush, but it was easy. Tukche  Place is also quite fun. It is applied in detail. It was also the season of Apple. Many people and Pokhara people bought Apple.

What was previously closed has now been completely expanded. Internet fiber cable is also available in that place. People can do it by themselves in their own homes. I also checked the internet speed but it felt slow. I stayed up late at night trying to post a video on YouTube, but no video was uploaded. Only one video was uploaded.

I have taken a data pack as I will run the videos from my mobile network. However, the donor pack did not work well. It was easy to do good work. But I have uploaded the videos on Facebook and not on YouTube.

The speed of the network also works when that space is exceeded. But I didn’t know what it was because my phone was an iPhone. I have done all the settings on the iPhone, but the speed of the internet is not working. Anyway, I enjoyed the trip to Tukche. In the coming days, I will also do experiments on many things. I will also post the work I have done to you on my blog.


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