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Have A Safe Journey Flight Umesh PariyarHave A Safe Journey Flight Umesh Pariyar

Have A Safe Journey Flight Umesh Pariyar last October 1, 2023, moving from the place of Pokhara to Kathmandu with a bus vehicle to move toward his own back in Saudi Arabia place to work over there. Since he was coming to Nepal for a 5-month holiday spending time with family members there. Between these 5 months, he was spending over his own hometown to meet his own relative’s person. 

Today October 2, 2023, his flight journey from Kathmandu International Airport to moving to Saudi Arabia back own workplace to earn money from there. During this time he will be becoming a licensed minibus driver in Nepal but his dreams aren’t fulfilled yet. Next time he will be able to fulfill it there. 

He is also my childhood friend. It is close to my house and I only take it for walks. But this person is a very good person but something is a little bad. But I made it yesterday. After reaching my friend, I made a phone call. But whoever forgets because of his work, has not done anything.

Today, that friend has reached his place. And I thought that the phone would ring after reaching. He must have called his wife. But maybe he didn’t forget me. He is my friend, but he may have forgotten because of his work.

I have planned a long trip with this friend. It was successful in our journey and we had fun in our journey. And when we went to that place on the journey, I was also sad. I had hoped to run Bike, but my hope was not fulfilled.

Anyway, our trip is good. It will be better in the days to come. Looking forward to what will happen in the coming days, I will wait for that day too. In the coming days, we have to work hard. My friend is also missing me. It is possible that the friend lost his videos while staying abroad

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