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Why the Government Stopped Foreign Employment in NepalWhy the Government Stopped Foreign Employment in Nepal

Why the Government Stopped Foreign Employment in Nepal The reason the government stopped foreign employment in Nepal was the increased number of people going to the country to do work, education, or personal purposes. The government cannot stop the foreign country’s policy to stop the young people from entering their own Nepal. There are a lot of opportunities that will be opened from the government side.

Most poor and rich people will be moving to a foreign country to make better income sources to send money as remittances to Nepal and grow the income source for the government in Nepal. Even millions of users will be leaving Nepal on a daily basis.

I have found a lot of work and things we can do to improve society and develop different sectors of things to do. Even in the government office, I found that even the old, young people will stay; there are not any latest-generation people, which isn’t the way to go. Due to their political power, they can use it.

Even the corruption will increase as seen in government offices in Nepal. If I were going into the government sector, we would need to give money to do work over there. Even the government office doesn’t have a system for working for the freedom of people there.

In some sectors of the development of the place, the local people weren’t working with them with government budget work over there. Even the government’s incomes aren’t enough to handle their own families. Because of the high market rate, it will be more difficult to buy with them.

Each and every part of the tax will be included in the high amount shown there. If you bring some food and vegetables to a market within a range of Rs 100, we cannot find the vegetables to bring home. Even the government of Nepal will force young people to leave our country, and if you need to study up to +2 only, you might apply to a foreign country to make an income source for your life there.

Even the young people have a mindset that is too whole. If they pass the +2, they can apply for a foreign visa to shift or move there. Even Nepal cannot have any jobs with a satisfying salary to work there. If they have government jobs but aren’t getting satisfied, they will be fined over there.

I will make a request to the government of Nepal. You need to stop the foreign employment to stay in your own country. I will make arrangements to manage your satisfied jobs in the country. Even big factories and industries will be stopped due to the high amount of interest paid by the government there.

If the government of Nepal controls the stopped foreign employment, then the people will need to be forced to work in their own country to run Nepal. Some users will get help from the government for running their businesses and other sectors.

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