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Why I Am Going Gosaikunda Trek in NepalWhy I Am Going Gosaikunda Trek in Nepal

Why I Am Going Gosaikunda Trek in Nepal This is the best place ever. This pool is also far away from the sea. It is also close to the mountains. This Rasuwa is a District. It is near Kathmandu. There is a lot of pain for people in this place. It will take 13 hours to walk on foot and you will reach that place. For people in this place, we have also done it from Pokhara.

It doesn’t take long for people to stay in this place. It took 5 days from what took you a long day. We also went to this place from Pokhara. We also went at night. During the day it gets disturbed and even the cars get frozen. That is why Bush betrayed us. This car was also broken in two places for us.

It also took us 5 days for the Gosaikunda people. Gosaikunda can be visited in any month. You can meet at any time you like. If it is at a higher height, you will have some problems. A person like Dharai has also taken Madichine with him. Because people have problems breathing.

People like Dharai also come from Kathmandu. In the photo I saw, that car is also whose photo. This is also where we are going in this photo. We also went to that place for Dumse Bazar people who made this place.

Our Bus went to Dumse Bazar. You have to enter that market. And there is also a car park. There is also a large park area in that place. It is also easy for people to get to know each other. It is also very easy for the China border people from Dumse Bazar.

It is also good to see the roads. Looking down is quite scary to see. I wondered how people could live in this place. Still, I think Dumse Bazaar will be fun. I also snapped photos and videos in between. The first visit to that place was very enjoyable. It was easy for us, but the water helped us a lot. The water was not too heavy for us.

If it rained, we would have been very cold. In that place, we would have had a hard time for people. The road is also worth 2 days. It may not have taken much time for us to go down. When I got up in the morning and went to that place, it was very hard, but after coming back, it was easier for me. In my opinion, it was good to visit the night in the morning and it was a scary place when it was bright in the morning.

I also lost the videos we took for people in that place. We were not even bothered by the people in that place. Couldn’t even sleep in one night due to the cold. I slept on other days. People on the road are also beneficial. It was easy for Jamo on the way. People from above did not even come down. We also went to our own tune. The team that came with us was also separated.

In the meantime, we have also called. He also called a sister in the middle. On the first day, I was holding the battery on my mobile. And after reaching the top I switched off the phone and there was no electricity. And I opened the mobile-only in the morning.

We only went to that place after planning it for people. It was also easy for us to hold people in that place. Now it will be easier for us for the next time. Places are well known to us. After knowing the place, it becomes easier for us. It is said to be fun at first.

We went to that place on full moon. That person went to the full moon so that there would not be many people. People have gone for the full moon. On that day, there are also shelters where people live. There are also places to eat. He also brought us something to eat from Pokhara. But there is an opinion that food goes all the way. If you have money with you, you can eat by yourself.

After we went to Gosaikunda it was quite fun. But after going to that place I knew everything. One can learn many things in that place. Gosaikunda looks like a single road. But for the sake of the good, we also have to hold on to it.

We did not go to Gosaikunda but we went to Hitdera at night. There were people who woke up in the morning to pick up and pack. All the work was done in the night, and the people were also closed that day.

Some people took their families with them. He also developed it together with his family. After going to that place, there is such an opinion that people are sitting in this way and thinking in their minds. Many people also came from their place. In the middle of the road, people would have become like, I will not be able to help you, but now I will go back. Now that we have come to the road of Jesus, we have to go to the top.

Now it’s time to go your turns.  Gosaikunda should also go once. Take a walk to Gosaikunda. If you go to Gosaikunda, you can visit any place in India even in places like Himal. After Kedarnath and Gosaikunda, it seems that Kedranath is not even good.

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