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Why Youths Are Leaving NepalWhy Youths Are Leaving Nepal

Why Youths Are Leaving Nepal make reach out the working facilities service and less amount money we can get on it. Even people will be in foreign countries to save money and send money to Nepal. There is a lot of reason behind leaving Nepal country.

Day by day people will be doing outside from nepal. They didn’t live own country while sitting own homes. Even the people cannot make work and give money to better job satisfaction for work them. Nepal’s government will make jobs for youths so people don’t go outside the country for working there.

Lack of job facilities
Some part of the job will be income where less than 3000 thousand or 10000 thousand they can earn simply in the company working there. But the outside part of the company will compare another price rate given the people can work there. Some poor family members cannot handle their families due to having less amount of money to save their life or running their homes. Special I found under the city area people can face it out there.

Same as the village area we have got this problem even one of person who can work much more better money rest of the people will talk back talk to destroy that person who works there.

Lack of Economics
While doing any job we need to make a higher education level person can do the job their project to do. Some of the youth people will want to visit the outside to do work there. Small uneducated people can work outside the country to work there.

Lack of Political
In the recent day, there will be found politics while doing work to force to work compromised for work with them. Even if he/she I am that party’s political leader I can stop your work or I can do make manage your work there. Even in the Sarkar office, we have found this kind of behavior to see there. Even small education didn’t get a chance their position to work there.

Unable to handle the run family
Even the small person will be made to handle running because they haven’t had money to save their family. Even more rapidly day by day the material will increase the rate happen to see there. Even in the outside part of the valley, they’re a lack of unworked have slept on the roadside. They cannot do works their own dreams jobs to do.

Lack of Uneducated level
Even though we have found the higher level of school we have found better service to read it out there. Only Nepali people will be gains knowledge only but not do as fields work to face the person to work them. There is no quality of education where people can achieve their dreams goal. Even they can go to further countries to study to complete their course there.

Unable to Save Money
Due to high and high-price market growth. Even below the down price, we can’t buy any product form market place. Even people will be sold at a lower price to save their rent given the person in monthly. Even if the city area market rate will be make high then the people cannot buy any product or item to purchase there. If you go to any shop within 1 thousand we can’t get much more items there.

I hope I will share some of the points mentioned about why the youth people will be leaving the country of Nepal. Some of the reasons I have been mentioning in our above paragraph are to get the reason will be satisfied to give leave a Nepal.

Still, the aboard people will increase day by day they cannot stay own nepal. In a foreign country, they can work there and make save their money. Nowadays total changes happen during this passing year we can find how much different change to see there.

Each and every part material or item will be increased not going downward rate to do. I hope you will think about it before leaving this country Nepal. Then you will show their talent work found in Nepal. Even the different companies can offer but workers were less found to see there. Because the behave happen situation rate high increase to face it out there. 

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