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Welcome Mangsir Month 2079Welcome Mangsir Month 2079

Welcome Mangsir Month 2079  is the 8th month of the Nepali calendar. Its days will run for up to 29 days. This month there is a married season Vibes will be held this month. This month was located into the half of November and Half of December month. A lot of people will be made to put into Rice Platting from their land. During this time the people were busy own farm work to close their rice paddy over there. 

First, of the month in the evening time, the rainfall will happen there. Even a little bit of rainfall will happen to listen outside from there. Even this month will be made shorter days will happen to see there. Even this month days were shorter and nights were longer time to stay on it.

Everyone is also wearing the winter season from this month. This month everyone stayed at home. He worked his fields. He worked for his paddy. Some people are also married. These month-long people go to travel from one place to another. He went from one place to another.

I have to do a lot of work this month. This month has started. From today you should do a good job. And like Dharai this month, he likes to visit other places. It also falls in this month. This month people eat oranges sitting in the sun. You want to bask in the sun because it is cold. Staying at home is cold and makes you want to stay outside.

There are also memorable days this month for you. People like all travel in this month. I also like to travel. It is not good if it is cold this month. This month means illness with cough and stress. I hope this Mangsir month will be good and nice for all of us. 


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