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3th Day of Mangsir Morning Looks in Himalaya At Pokhara

3th Day of Mangsir Morning Looks in Himalaya At Pokhara

3th Day of Mangsir Morning Looks in Himalaya At Pokhara which the click time of 6:36 is at Morning taken it this image to welcome all Morning whole People From the Pokhara. There is no cloud over into the mountain range area to see the beauty of nature will see there. I have seen birds flying over around sky into the Himalaya side. While we have wake up from the bedroom we have listened to the sound of birds and chicken sound to wake up it.

We the people will be things everything we have ever seen a against with the best timing over into there. Sometimes we have missed a beautiful image and the hills area of forest was good to smile over there. Morning time we have done an exercise over at top of hills side to see a sunrise in the Morning time. We have to keep maintenance to fresh our mind and make refreshment over it.

If you have a look into the light of red reaction while between the time of 6am to 6:40am the red colorful happen to see. At that, we have to click over the perfect image. After then it will be a change in color light effect under there. Nowadays it’s being too much cold and unable to goes outside from home because of the cold winds round in the environment area. From our place, there is a river which flows from the Himalaya side it becomes much colder.

The rest of part of the country they have look at this style of sun raises into the Himalaya infornt from your eye effect there. I see over there is already slow making to see a white of snowfall over there. Since the 1st day of the welcome month of Mangsir, it happens to make a rainfall reacted it there. While we have seen snowfall in Himalaya. Some quotes from my side, ” People stay have to make relax while he/she looks into Sun Raise. Even everything you have made me see into dreams to shows as welcome a Morning in the world.”

So that let’s share this message with the friends during the winter you have see a perfect and beautiful click react of the sunrise from the Himalaya side which stays infornt from the eye to see there. Try to make some creative way of think into your mind make sure that days repeated come in your life. This one of the dates of the Nepali Calendar I should mention on the Morning in Pokhara.

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