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Visiting Thulachaur in Pokhara at Morning time

Visiting Thulachaur in Pokhara at Morning time

Visiting Thulachaur in Pokhara at Morning time when I wake up early in the morning time there. Father will come into their own home back on the Pokhara side. Since he was coming at fast with a jeep with there. Then we move on to that place over there. Since that female will be called with my father number there. He will be trying to her shall we come or not? She will be told with us you can be coming in here to repair the machinery part

The road to this place was also terrible. And looking at the road, there was a hole, and people didn’t like it because of the hole. And we went and did it. And after working, it went very well. And even Jada has an opinion on that place. And the rivers are arid. And it’s easy to go by this. And cars also go well. And most of the time, people have to go to work.

This is the place I went to this morning. And it is very hot in the morning. And it was very cold. Due to heavy rains, it is very cold. And the cold wind of the lake blows. And when you live in a place where the river is flowing, it gets cold. Husker’s machining was a small problem as he worked and went home. And after the work is done, I have done it myself. Images on my mobile.

It is the job of a woman to run a mill. And the mill is done for months. And the month also does its work. And now his son has done it. And the son doesn’t even know where they are. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. At such times people are rich. Old money doesn’t have to be this way

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