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Maxing Orange and Amilo in Home

Maxing Orange and Amilo in Home

Maxing Orange and Amilo in Home Today we went home and ate and we had a plan for our house. My plan was to eat. And we all ate together. And is eaten in the afternoon. We had to do that. And we had to wait a while to eat that. This is how to eat at home. And we can do it ourselves. And for This, we have to drink our own drink. And we have to put those foods in a bottom.

For a while, I also showed my video. And he also went to watch his videos. And we have done it. And all together, the food is different. Everyone ate together. Father’s plan today was to eat it for centuries. For that, we have to cut that food. And the outside bucker is to cut.

Cut it out and we’ll put it in the bag. Orange was also bought in the morning. Nissan was selling it out, it wasn’t even sweet, and that’s what we ate for Sajna. It was fun to eat. Today was full of pain, salt was added and acquaintances were also added.

I didn’t eat much. My mother ate a lot. And my father was also eaten. And the sisters have eaten a lot. The speechless sister was also very happy. It is eaten after being happy and by oneself. We had fun eating with the family.

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