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Why people don't think I'm a BloggerWhy people don't think I'm a Blogger

Why people don’t think I’m a Blogger Nepalese people have not heard of this. I am a blogger and I am a blogger. Now, if people here say that I work in Blogger, I do my work in my own way. I don’t even like that it happened. There is no level here as to what bloggers do and don’t do.

You have to work on your own time. It is also necessary to learn things about bloggers. What they do from their heart, they have to do themselves. If your creative mind is well-trained, that’s a good thing. People have earned money from bloggers. Lots of people have made money from Adsense. They put videos saying that they have earned this money. I have also said that, but the things I thought about are not happening. I work on Blogger, if nothing else works, I wouldn’t even talk about it here.

I need to learn how to work on my own blogger. I am learning it and working on it. I have decided to go up to the people. I am going to introduce the bloggers of my country. A blogger is a blogger on a website and on YouTube. Blogger is what you mean by blogging about your other place.

Most Nepali bloggers do not want to be bloggers because they do not have time to spend with them here. You don’t know everything about what is done in Blogger. If you want to do well as a blogger, you have to work day and night. If that work is done, you will want to learn more. The help of the Internet is known with your company.

You should also have a laptop with you. It is easy to do the work on the laptop and put that post on your website. Here they tell me to do this work. I wouldn’t say that. I have not had success with this yet. I don’t want to create a website because once I start running a website I won’t have time to post it. , he decided to make a fortune in many things.

At the moment, it seems that I have agreed on a few things. I still have to work. I couldn’t work the first time. It should be done from now on. Bloggers should do their work on Facebook. Everyone should be taught to be a blogger.

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