The Voice of Nepal Season 4 - Blind Auditions Episode 1

The Voice of Nepal Season 4 – Blind Auditions Episode 1 on September 9, 2022, is held on the Himalaya TV HD Channel at 8pm live on TV. 8:30pm were live on the official YouTube Channel The Voice of Nepal to see the shows over there. Our judge’s names are Pramod, Raju, Prabisha, and Rajesh Paypal Rai were under this season 4. We have seen another two new judges this season.

All judges were making singing a song over the stage. They will be changed will happen under this season 4. Hope what will happen to see under this season. I hope all the people will make waiting for this moment to see there.

This season 4 hosted by Sushil Nepal will be handled this season 4 also too. He will be doing well and best level while making host this season also there.

Pritika Begha is the first contestant from the voice of Nepal Season 4 who had she will be doing sings songs on the stage there. Rajesh, Raju, and Pramod will be turned on with white light in Infront while singing time there. All coaches will give a good comment about her there. She will go to coaches Rajesh’s teams.

Pratik Khati B.K is the second contestant from the stage side. He will be given a trying best and good level-up singing on the stage side there. Pramod and Raju will be turned on with white light there. Even he will be shocked while both will turn the chair there. He goes with the team Pramod coach there.

Chandra B. Karki is the other contestant from this stage side there. He will be trying to make his own best level-up dancing over there. Prabisha and Rajesh will be run on chairs with the white light there. He’s going to coach Rajesh for the next round all the best luck with him.

Prachi Bidari is another contestant from this stage side. She will be doing the singing songs over on the stage side there. She isn’t selected for this round under the blind auditions round there.

Ryhaan Giri was from Bhutan country he will be coming on Voice of Nepal Season. He will be trying to make level up his performance of singing on the stage side there. Prabhisha Raju and Rajesh will turn on the chair with white light. He goes to Coach Raju.

Ashish Mahar was singing on the stage side over there. He was from the remote place of the village area to find out him singing in the voice of Nepal. All coaches will turn on the chair with white light there. All coaches will be happy to his songs over there. He goes to the coach Pramod after a long discussion from his side there.

This episode 1 ended here right now rest of the post will be updated here. I hope you will keep sharing in shows there. Even I will be mentioning trying to update it out here now.

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