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The Voice of Nepal Season 4 Starting in Bhadra 24The Voice of Nepal Season 4 Starting in Bhadra 24

The Voice of Nepal Season 4 Starting in Bhadra 24, 2079 or September 9, 2022, is held on the Himalaya TV HD Channel at 8pm on Fri-Sat every week it will come this shows. After a long time back Nepali will want back this season 4. Even the voice of Nepal Season 3 was already getting a winner list.

Our judge’s name is Pramod, Raju, Prabisha, and Rajesh Paypal Rai they were under this show there. Even Sushil Nepal will be running as the host to handle these shows. Most Nepali will be a lot of comments under there.

In a previous post, I mentioned, that only the voice of Nepal Season 4 will be coming soon there. Even I have been seeing under the official page to see the YouTube channel to see there. Now they are making a final date to announce these shows there.

Now there are no more days left to see these shows over there. Even the previous shows we have been enjoying this shows. Under this season 4, we’re making much better excellent, and rocking performances to see there. Even the judges will be made much more excited to see them there.

Due to COVID-19, they aren’t running these shows there. But now it will be fine and trying to make an awesome and entertaining show out there. Hope all the audience and fans will follow up on this show. Even the shows will be made much more popular in worldwide also too.

Different countries will be making these shows to bring to get opportunities with them. Even the new singer will be make established into world wide. I will also be excited to see what will happen under these shows over there. All of the people will be waiting for the moment to see there.

Hope new two-judge will be made found to see the audience or talent were found into their team to collect there. I hope they are trying to prepare well for choosing them.

Hope you will enjoy this season 4 also too. Keep patient under this shows back in stage side there. You will be waiting and watch upcoming video clips on their official page and official YouTube channel to see them there.

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