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Started Shrawan 26 in Super Dancer NepalStarted Shrawan 26 in Super Dancer Nepal

Started Shrawan 26 in Super Dancer Nepal it will be held on Augest 11, 2022 at Nepali Date in Shrawan 26, 2079 this episode was running into the TV shows at 9pm  Since the long time we had been faced out this shows will be live TV there. All the contestants will be given the best of their talent over there.

There are three judges were available for this show. They have been choosing out of the country and inside the country Nepal city area. They have been collecting the all of data of dancers to choose from as audition round back into Kathmandu city.

Such type of dancer we have been faced out while checking out these shows to see the promo trailer happened to see there. All Nepali people will watch these shows on Indian television now it against come into our country Nepal also. All children will be given your talent own Nepal.

All of the videos were shown on the YouTube channel OS Reality where you can see the full video to miss out on live TV. Remember that you will miss out these shows there. One by one I will be sharing the judge’s name and hostname after the telecast of the episode first.

They haven’t announced the name of judges name and hostname in the trailer promo. But they have been showing the judges over the trailer but not getting mention names of judges to share with them. Most people will know the name judges which include in their posts to update there. All Nepali people will be able to support this show. This show will be made popular worldwide also too.

Hope you will be by tomorrow to watch the episode First there. Hope everything will be right to see there. I will also be excited to watch this episode on TV and YouTube channel also too. I hope you will stay turn after the public the episode under YouTube and then I will be starting to share some articles on my website to update here. Hope you will share this post and keep supporting these shows also too.

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