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My Tvs Scooter Ntroq Service Time on June 12My Tvs Scooter Ntroq Service Time on June 12

My Tvs Scooter Ntroq Service Time on June 12, 2022, which is the 4 or 5th service I have been doing there. Within 2 months I will be doing this service from the books side Service will be followed by me. Since a few days ago June 6, 2022, the teams will be calling back to your service is near please try to visit near our service in Batas showroom

There is the new place they have been a shift on last month Magh, 2078. For the second or third time, I have been visiting this place to see there. Since there is a lot of staff will be working into the same place to do working into there. Since there were too many comfortable waiting rooms or restrooms for the customer will be doing into there. 

This service was shifted into the Parsang of Pokhara-Baglung highway which going to Darmaltali School inside road were can move up to into there. This time I was changing only the Mobil of the scooter only. There is not much more effect into my scooter problem only there. 

Since the morning time, a there little bit busy were happen into there. During the daytime, there is not much coming to visit this service center over there. This time there is no more effect will happen to see there. Some of the people were still confused about where we can move to move on there. 

My friends are also happy after I leave. Here I am also happy to see. The work done here is still well done. I also feel very good about what I did in the showroom. I haven’t been to many places before but it’s only because of my misfortune. Everything else was fine. In order to do that, we have to go to Cerviche Chantre. Everybody says that it is easy to get out of Tvs Centre.

But it is also easy on TVs. You get to see, you get to see. Even after seeing it, you get to be able to speak your mind. In the showroom, it is easier for us because of the reason. Today is a good day. The sun is shining less. What happens in the showroom today? I also meet boys in the showroom.

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