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How to Join Scan Ma Offer in Khalti 2022How to Join Scan Ma Offer in Khalti 2022

How to Join Scan Ma Offer in Khalti 2022 We are making many payments from QR every day. Do you get scooters and smartphones while paying the same? We have brought you a new Campaign “Offer on Scan”. Under this, you can get scooters, One Plus Nord, and other gifts from Khalti by scanning ‘Fonepay QR’ and paying and receiving payments. 

Prize  Winners 
Bumper Prize TVS Ntorq 125 Khalti User – 1 Winner 

Fonepay QR Merchant – 1 winner

Weekly Prize One Plus Nord N100 Khalti User – 2 Winner 

Fonepay QR Merchant – 2 winner

Daily Prize Rs. 5000 Khalti Balance Khalti User – 1 Winner

How we can be eligible for this offer this campaign? 

You can easily participate in “Offer on Scan” by scanning ‘Fonepay QR’ using the Khalti app.

Khalti users must be KYC Verified to participate in this offer. If not here’s a new product just for you!

Terms and Condition about this offer

1. This offer is valid from 26th Falgun 2078 to 10th Baisakh 2079 (10th March to 23rd April 2022).

2. Khalti users who scan Fonepay QR from Khalti and Fonepay merchants who accept payments from Khalti will automatically participate in both offers.

3. You need to be verified into your Account.

3. The winner of the scooter will be announced 7 days after the end of the offer through a lucky draw on Facebook Live from Khalti’s Facebook page.

4. Daily winners listed were announced on the Facebook Page.

5. The winner must come to Khalti’s office with one of their official government documents (citizenship, driving license, or passport) to claim the prize, which must match the KYC form certified in Khalti. In the case of a Fonepay merchant, any one official government document (citizenship, driving license, or passport) will be valid. Also, a copy should be provided.

Don’t have Khalti account? Download now

How to Join Scan Ma Offer in Khalti 2022 has been updated under this offer there. Since the people lot of people will make excited to this offer to use this one getting into there.  Don’t miss out on this offer while doing this offer period of time you are a lucky person while under this offer there. 

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