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Finale of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-1

Finale of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-1 of January 14, 2022 it held to run into the Himalaya TV HD channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. The Voice Kids Nepal under the Friday special episode will be run out this television shows. This is episode 19 of this Voice Kids Nepal. There is no more time left to give a winner a title of this season. The Vote line will still open to your be favourites contestants into this shows.

Under the Friday episode they will be well prepared to ask to said them are you getting a winner trophy of this title winner. Even the Coach Raju, Milan, Prabisha and Pramod will be really excited moment of his/her talent contestants performance singing into the stage side to give their best level under the finale round. Even they will be need a vote for them from the audience or public level.

Rest of 2/2 of 8 contestants will be given them best performance well done singing into the stage side there. This is first time ever they had been make each two talent will be goes each Coach teams. Thousands of people will be still watching this video under the YouTube channel of the voice of nepal which the out of country they will be Watch their own favourite contestants to take performances from online.

I were watch all of them they are doing the working hard to reach them under the finale round which the coach teams will be help them vote from them. Even they have been mention it their social media to give them vote from this kids Nepal. I were seen into the bus area they poster will be made them that will be looks all of public user will be give vote for them.

Between under this episode they will be making a fun and entertaining act will be doing into with fun with the coach over there. Some of interesting part they will be do it. They’ve well over confidence we’ll singing into the stage side there. Rest of own parent will be support own son and daughter to give as title winner under this season.

Finale of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-1 under this shows isn’t showing the ended period of time they will be doing their give best and well prepared about their contestant among them. Even I also been looking to all of part whole shall it will be ended this shows. Can who will winner of this winner this. I also be shocked about this but isn’t getting final to do.

There is again one more episode we’re left to watch their title winner and Contestants keep best level to do. Hope all Nepali will be know about this worrier to said who are winner of this. Who give your lot of voted from Khalti Apps and Website browsers to give online vote from there. Keep wait for the moment of next update. Keep Stay turn to update to mention with us here.


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