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Yesterday we were busy to fixing New Rice Mill in Lekhnath

Yesterday we were busy to fixing New Rice Mill in Lekhnath at Gagangauda place of Pokhara. Since he will bring the new rice mill from the Pokhara valley side. Even he will be a simple way to understand to getting this one to take it. Since the morning time, it might be made foggy weather will happen to see there. We are unable to drive the scooter ride from that place after we have reached the Bijayapool bridge to cross there.

Since the morning time from own home place, it might take a sun raise will happen to see there. But the daytime it might be made sun see there. In the Lekhnath place, moring time will happen to see the foggy weather. Since yesterday is the first day of Poush month. We have been unable to get to reach this place there. Since the morning time was difficult while moving from the scooter ride from that place.

First, we have to fix the Huskar mill to make it inside the Puli into the Motor and Lick into the motor. All of the motor licks were put into there. Then after we have been eating the food at 11a.m at moring time. Since the morning time the owner will be told can you take a launch into the morning time. But we cannot eat in the first hour to take this one. After we have been working into the mill worked then we have been taking this one.

Since that owner person will be watching the video to put this one. Since the people will see there. Even he will be trying to call with us to take this one. Since the people will be happy to see this person to take clear way to understand this mill information from our side to teach them. Even he will be doing everything and he will take bring a lot of things to happen input item from mill house.

While days we have been spending over this place. Some of the new users will be looking to see the mill house you can see the new system of kill will be seen over there. Since the worker will be coming there and same working with us there. Even we have moved any place to take this one to get on it. You can see the image click here has been fixing some of items into that place to see there.

Yesterday we were busy to fixing New Rice Mill in Lekhnath from today we have been making wiring of electronic to fixing into the mill house to clear over this mill to take this one. Hope we will be making trying to finesh within an hour to complete this one. Then we have been putting the money after the mill will work fine to see there. Let’s see what happens to see upcoming days to see there. Hope so that person will be happy to get a new business into their own home.

Hope all the best of Chandra prasad Chapagain to getting the new rice mill to take this discussion to make run their business to shot there. Hope he will make working well for those businesses to get on it. He will be soon getting much more earning money from this mill house there.

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