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Huskar problem in Kristi Today at Morning

Huskar problem in Kristi Today at Morning arrived this place over the 7am to reach there. Some of the problems happen in the husker mill over there. Even we have thought it that current line will be re-opposite side there. But there is another problem that will be created there. Even we have to find the Gayre box to open their box machine in Husker there. We have finding to bring that problem out there. That owner person isn’t coming yet there. We have called that person to come over there. 

It has taken us a long time to make it work. And it took us a long time to open it. And we have to spend a lot of time to get it back. And we knew the news if there was a corona in that place, but he had gone to the rod, but we hadn’t met people in that place. There was a problem with Husker’s mill and we had to do it here because of Tess. We have done this work ourselves. This is for work and goes out. And one Bairin is gone and we have brought it to Jul by ourselves.

Taking the clothes, Anus said that he had given us clothes here and the clothes were used to clean them. And without doing that, he was moving us. But we did not do as he said, but we did not get the same in the present time. And you have to go to Pokhara to get the same. The same does not come again in time. Now it is difficult to go anywhere dry. Somewhere along the way, things are playing out in the mind. We have done our job. And after working in the mill, we were told to have tea. We were told not to eat tea. He came here to make tea for us.

And the part of the Machine is fitted. And after we fit in, we run. And we run and only take money. And the money is taken according to what he has done. And money has to be done well next time. And again, this would mean that we have to spend on these processes. And we have come up with similar names. According to Husker, the problem is not going well. The only way to work is for us. Here too you have to understand this. So that we need to fix the husker problem in Kristi today at morning time over this place. People aren’t satisfied while doing this working over there. 

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