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Ncell Launches Triple Majja Pack

Ncell Launches Triple Majja Pack At a time when people are clung to their smartphones and social network sites more than ever, it is beneficial for the people to benefit from the offer. With the pack, you can access three different platforms; Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube at an affordable rate. It has been updated announce by the official page of Ncell which the people will be able to buy their pack into there. Here some of the steps to follow up there to the package list below table there. 

Validity Facebook, YouTube, TikTok Data volume All-time data Price inclusive (taxes)
7 days 1GB per day 2GB Rs 109
10 days 1GB per day 4GB Rs 147
30 days 1.5GB per day 6GB Rs 459

As there are two kinds of data volume in the pack, first the FB, Youtube, Tiktok data will be utilized. Only after consuming this data volume, all-time data will be utilized.

This pack is available to all Ncell users except for those who subscribe Mero Plan offer. Whereas the PayG block feature of the Mero plan is not available in this new offer. This is a package brought to Ncell Launches Triple Majja Pack who will buy them

How we can purchase this package of Tripple Majja Pack

To subscribe to the Ncell Fb, YouTube, and TikTok Triple Majja pack, you need to

  • Dial *17123# and select the Triple Majja pack.
  • Currently, the pack resides at number 8.
  • Then you can select the pack of your choice in the list (either 7 days or 10 days or 30 days)

You can able to purchase this product from a Mobile Apps and Website. For the Ncell official website you able to check out the new update over there. 

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