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Best and Cheapest in Shree Car Wash in Pokhara

Best and Cheapest in Shree Car Wash in Pokhara is located in Harichowk were established in 2077 on Shivaratri in Falgun month. Its owner’s name is Shree Gurung which he was lives under the Ranipauwa in Pokhara. Under this car wash located under the Pokhara-Baglung highway road, we have found this wash center to clean your Bike/Scooter and Car. From coming Bindabasini side to moving under this place you need to go left side. From the Simpani side, your need to go Right side to meet this place. 

You can also call the number you asked for yourself. You have done things according to what you said. This curve is starting. Everyone knows. It is also very easy to tame. You are subdued according to what you have said. You can be subdued even by yourself. Opening hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can be subdued according to your taste. You have to do a lot of good here and you also have to understand the good news.

Rate List of Bike, Scooter, and Car 

S.No Name Price
1 Bike Rs. 100
2 Scooter Rs. 100
3 Car Rs. 500 (Full Wash)
4. Car Rs. 400 (Half Wash)

For Bike and Scooter wash you will take 10 or 5 minutes. For Car Wash, it will take 30 minutes to clean to wait for this time. Even the first time we clean make throw water and they can use Soap and end this again they can use water to clean it. After finishing, they have to use Tawal to clean it out there.

Read it Out:

Best and Cheapest in Shree Car Wash in Pokhara After you go to the place, regular Customers will also be dislocated. If you leave me, you will leave my website. When you run it yourself at home, it is very easy and it is very easy. You may visit this place once. You will do the work according to your own will and you will not be cleansed according to what is said. It is done by keeping it clean in time. It also happens when you call.

Please call this phone number. Please call 9806513378 and 9815156908. You also talk on the phone. You have to ask if it is ripe. If you have emergency work, people here are not allowed to do what you are told to do. You get up every now and then. You have two numbers that you can call. You can also call yourself by looking at the photo.

Note: All service facilities were the good and cheapest way to wash a car and bike clean service in Pokhara. Once you might visit out this Shree Car Wash in Pokhara, Harichowk. Our Service is the best way to satisfied with new customers and old customers become happy with them.

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