Traveling to Targau Village in Kaski

Traveling to Targau Village in Kaski We went to that place this morning and I took my scooter. This is the place that people are looking for. We also went to this place after many days. There used to be ahead. We even went to the head mill ourselves. It is also said that the head does not work. This person was very bad and we have suffered a lot because of that person.

And we spent about an hour. This place is also very crowded. In this place, you have to cross the Jada Madi river and also the pool for you. That is to go from the pool. The roads are not good either. And when you look at the road, you have to drive a little.

After reaching this place, I also had a little fun. And looking at the village house of the place is very nice in mind. But people in the village are also busy with their work. People cut their money and take the money home.

There was a problem with the small mill and there was no other work. We went there ourselves because there was a small problem in that mill. My father has done all the work in this mill. During the rainy season, my father also went to fit that mill. It is also easy for those of us who are made in time.

Most of the people of the village are sitting down at the market, only their mother and father are sitting in the village. And in the village, his farming life is also big. I did not work in this mill on my own, my father worked on the same day as we did. This was not a big problem at the mill.

It won’t take long for people to get to this place. Please visit this place and you will get complete information about this place. People in this place didn’t even think about what happened to us when we hit the road. People are also busy with their work. You have to do your own thing. You also do your job while working.

Traveling to Targau Village in Kaski This place has gone to another mill. In this mill, I have just returned to you. There aren’t many people in this place right now. During the rainy season, it is very cold. This time of year is also very difficult for the benefit of the people. People go to this place for their work.

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