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Baisai Village of Kaski in Nepal

Baisai Village of Kaski in Nepal is a place of name where we have moving from Pokhara to Baisai Village with the Bike, Jeep, Bus, the, etc vehicles will be moving under this place. This place was located under the Madi Village. There is only 40 or 30 house the people were live under this place. Under this place, we have seen a mountain of Machappure were clear to see under this place. Madi river will be flowing under this place to see there. Mostly the people will be working with agriculture to getting the earned money from their family-run. 

During the Monsoon time, we are unable to move under this place while going under the Vehicle own personal way to do. In the winter season, we have arrived at moving easily under this place to moving under there. Since this place of the road will be fine to clear way city area road further working to make budget under this place. But the person who will be handle under this place road to construction they didn’t realize to working this further doing this clear way to use them. 

Into this place there is also internet wifi service were available to connect into its place there. Even during the monsoon time, there were buys with the working under the agriculture fields to working there. Mostly they people will be cultivated to spending under working with the home working there. Baisai is like a tourist area place where we have to find the local people to finding out there. Baisai Village of Kaski in Nepal is one of the names of the beautiful places Kaski district was located under this. 

They will make them feels their real people and their lifestyle to work with there. A lot of people were working under to goes under the city area further their job into their life. Even we have got pure water for a drink there. They aren’t out of their own home further working into there. Some of the young people will be going to the foregoing country to work there. 

Only Baisai Village I finding out there are only Agriculture fields working over there. They will make the company grow the Chicken Farmhouse further running the business there. Once you can feels and analysis under this place and trying to learn some things how the people will be working into their landscape under the Agriculture growth to gets income from there. 

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