My Saturday blog Story Part 58

My Saturday blog Story Part 58 I wake up early at 6 am in the morning time. Then we were moving under the village area to working over that place to goes on there. Even the mother and father will be make wake up from your bedroom then you will be goes to working fields under that father works. Then I wear to take hot water into the kitchen room and then I take some cup of tea into the kitchen room. Before that, I have been washing my face over there. 

Even I will be made to ready to moves under that place further visiting that place there. After half an hour we have been arrived at that place moving with the scooter rid over to shoot their video from there. Since the people will be made to see our video to see over there. Since the people will be making to proud to see over the worldwide to check out there. 

While moving under the new place I have been wearing the setup the moto vlog from the mobile into the helmet to see the vlogs over there. Since the people will need to watch the video over there. Since the Nepali will be making their video to see the vlog under the moto vlog from there. Since I am from the Pokhara side to check out the moto vlog from male users from there. 

Then I arrived at that location then I was have working in the rice mill there. Then we were taking a launch into that person’s house to check. Even another mill house we have checked out to see their rice mill problem to see there. After we arrived in the wash into the bike and car house into the near house from home area to see there. Some of the few minutes we have been spending over there.

Then coming back own home to stay over there. Even we are trying to see their video clips on the tv. Then whole days I spent in my own room checking to shoot a video edit from my own mobile device to share over there. Then my Saturday blog story part 58 will be ended here to know them. 

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