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Why Chhath Puja is celebrated in India 2021Why Chhath Puja is celebrated in India 2021

Why Chhath Puja is celebrated in India 2021 Following the festival of lights and Bhai Dooj, Chhath Puja is celebrated to deify and pray to the Sun. The festival’s significance in Indian culture is also rooted around Lord Ram and Mata Sita, who offered prayers to the Sun after returning from their 14 years of exile to the Kingdom of Ayodhya.

How is the festival of Chhath celebrated in India?

The four-day-long Hindu festival, Chhath Puja, dedicated to the Sun God, began today. Devotees from several parts of the country celebrate the festival by observing fast and offering prayers to the Sun God by taking a dip in the river.

Who started Chatt Puja?

There are various stories associated with the origin of Chhath Puja. According to a legend, Pandavas and their wife, Draupadi used to offer prayers to Lord sun to get their lost kingdoms back and solve any problem.

Why is the Chhath Puja celebrated in November Month?

Because this month is very good and this festival starts after Dashain and Tihar. This festival is also held in Nepal and India. We have to do this because it is our custom to celebrate. You should not forget your religion. This is the reason why people celebrate this month. People have been going to the river since morning. It is worshiped by taking fruits and greeting the sun. A lot of sisters have done that.

Why Chhath Puja is celebrated in India 2021 This is a tradition we have been doing for a long time. We have to do it. This is what we bring once a year. This year is also celebrated by many people. Many people have moved from their place to their home. It is also a very important festival here. It is also very important for India to have a Chhath over India.


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