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Mega Auditon in India's Best Dancer Season 2Mega Auditon in India's Best Dancer Season 2

Mega Auditon in India’s Best Dancer Season 2  of October 30 and 31st this weekend they will be selected for Top 12 contestant selected with them to running out there. Some of the talents were going under the selected from audition round they will choose the final at Top 12 level to being to collect there. India’s Best Dancer will be selected that talent who give as more impressions and expression under their dancing level to watch there. 

3 people have also called. Here, people also do it to show their dances by speaking. And he also shows the dances of his talents. Here you will see the dances and the judges will also select themselves. After selecting, you will also find your teachers here. You can show your dance level by taking your teachers with you. It’s just a matter of doing it yourself. Whoever wins this dance.

I don’t even know who knows now. It’s all in the hands of Judge. There is also the question of who should be taken away and who should not be taken away. The work done by the people here is also good. In his dance, he has sucked even the best talents, maybe even the dancers.

I am also losing to those who know what else they have done well in their dance. Judges are losing their dances. Depending on who is spoiled in their dance, they are also sucked here. It is sucked by the thought itself, even here. Everyone has given their best.

Many people have come to India’s Best Dancer with their thoughts. The list goes on and on. This show is also lost by people. In these shows, people also see their talents. Mega Auditon in India’s Best Dancer Season 2 will be running out there. They will choose their talent from the judge they will be given their best level with their Guru to take their dance over the stage side there. 

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: I don’t even know who is going. Tomorrow we will also mention these full names. Even if I see it myself, I will make it to this list. You may have to wait until tomorrow to find out for yourself. Who knows, in your opinion, the top 12. 

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