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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil champs Nepal Starting Next WeekSa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil champs Nepal Starting Next Week

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil champs Nepal Starting Next Week is the reality show in Nepal that will be held into the Galaxy 4k channel to tv serial will be running this shows. Under this week they have been mention only the welcome the judge and Grand Jury into the stage. Even the hosting of some contestants will make them singing into the stage side there. There is 15 Grand Jury and 3 Main judges stand infornt the stage side to see their live performance over there. 

Next week they have been starting the audition round under those people will be given their audition round to showing as full details to know about the information under the Youtube Channel ” Doko“. Under this channel name, you will be able to see a full watch video to watch there.  Some musicians will be must be welcome under this week there.

Even we have found a lot of singers will be finding out the performance overall to know this feature to do there. Since we have found a lot of singer of talent under the next week. Some of the children made them plan as singers to give their audition round to with singer voice of talent showing infornt of judge and other also too. 

This show has started 2 days a week from the next day, so you can watch it, you can watch it in full the next day. I have also missed these episodes. I have lost in these shows, people are also taking out their talents. People have also supported it. Our country Nepalis have gone to other countries and gone to India and put their name in that show. We have to support this work as well as our promises.

In the days to come, we will also go to such shows to earn our names. Why do other Nepalis go to other countries and the songs and jewels of their own country are also worn by the people here? Now he is launching such shows in his country. We have to give our best for what others have done. Promises are made to go to such shows and name their country.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil champs Nepal Starting Next Week Other losers have also given more and more support. There are not many supporters in Nepal. We have to do such shows and those who go to this show also have to get support from the family. We have to do very well in this work. The government of our country should also help in this show and if other promises have their own talents then such shows should be given here. Not all Nepali’s have money. Due to the lack of money, the people here do not show off their talents.

We have to find such talents and work according to their talents. This show is starting now. All Nepalis will love it in the days to come. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Most of the people in the show are also seen on Live. That work may have been done here. I came to my channel today and I am posting on my blog that I also like about it. Other people know

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