Turi Mill opening is today in Patneri Lekhnath - Laxman Baral Blog
Turi Mill opening is today in Patneri LekhnathTuri Mill opening is today in Patneri Lekhnath

Turi Mill is opening today in Patneri Lekhnath Today, the people who have gone to this place are also wondering when they will be able to do this. It is also a good place to work in the morning. In the morning we went to our house after work. There are a lot of people in this place. Those people are also forced to do their job. We have also completed this work. You don’t even have to go to this place from today.

There is a lot of pain today. There is sorrow in this day and age. You also said that the person had to do his job and I said that this person has done his job, we must be doing what we are doing. He also had his own son. And we were talking to myself about what this son would eat in the coming days.

It was too hard to work and the man has come back later. This man had to go to Pokhara again and he has come back after doing his job. It was hot in the daytime and later in the day. And the water was too big. Today I have also done my job. Even when I didn’t get a trumpet, I had a hard time. Have your own way to work.

There is so much suffering today. We also never went for it. We have done this work quickly for the first time. It was too busy to work. It also took us a long time to work. This place was crowded after people went to work. And the son of that man is of the opinion that he should also do the housework for his housework.

The Turi Mill is completed today. It has also been completed. On this day, we also had a lot of problems with this mill. Today we have gone to great lengths to do this work. Today, I and my brother-in-law have also worked. Today I have done this too. Turi Mill opening is today in Patneri Lekhnath were finally fixed it out to know this one over there. 

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