Mr Laxman Getting First Youtube Payment in Nepal

Mr Laxman Getting First Youtube Payment in Nepal I have getting the payment from the google teams will be received this payment Today. I am happy to get this payment from the Youtube channel create over the past year I have been continuing working under this. After September 21st will be released the payment from the Adsense teams they will be sent with us after they confirm the mail from the AdSense teams to send a wire transfer to the bank account there. 

Since I received this payment, I have made videos myself. And we have to do our own thing. We have done our job. There are also people on my YouTube channel. The people who come have supported me. I love you People will watch my videos in the coming days. If there are any offers, I will support you in my video. Please support me in the coming days. Your support is always needed.

If Nepali people have been following me on my channel, please let me know. And I also need your support. Thanks to your support, I still enjoy doing it. I have also taken care of my own affairs. I have done my own thing in my video. Please see the whole thing. I speak in my Nepali language. I also posted my regular videos after I became popular on this channel. I post regular videos because people who come here also lose their own videos.

I put a mix of content on my channel but people also lose my videos. Some videos are good too. There are also some videos that you like. I have done things that are known in the video. I have also given my best talents to share. I am also learning things that I do not know from there. In the process of learning, I also have to do it myself. Mr Laxman Getting First Youtube Payment in Nepal will be getting payment already today date to information under the video to share there

I will be trying my level base to getting the fans and audience to control to handle easily way to do this thing over there. Since the Nepali people will make confuse under this case which way to getting the payment realized under the bank account to update from there. A lot of Nepali users will be those who are YouTuber channels to create over there. 

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