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Google Adsense Payment Receipt from Youtube in NepalGoogle Adsense Payment Receipt from Youtube in Nepal

Google Adsense Payment Receipt from Youtube in Nepal I was also notified that I had been emailed by people here this morning. I also went to a friend of the bank but here is the opinion that my holiday is common. The people here did not get to do their jobs. I have moved here to work for my bank, but I have not been able to do so. Today is a day and I have to pay. This is the first payment of my YouTube. How fun it is to have the first payment. You don’t even know how happy you are when the first payment comes.

I have also done all the work. I have linked it to my bank. This is the job of the bank to have the link. How much work does the bank do? Whether the work done by the bank is done or not is the work done by the bank itself. You can also go to the bank by showing me the bill of receipt. But it also happens in the process. It doesn’t even come to the bank. We also have to wait.

Now it is only to work in the bank. Now AdSense has done his job. If there is any problem in Adsense, then you have seen the water problem yourself. There is also opium in your problem. But I also like to watch. How come I also like to do my own work. I have done a lot of my work. He also loses his people in his deeds. He has said that he wants to make money from Nepal as well.

I have paid my AdSense payment in time. Most people don’t even know it. In the days to come, I have also said that I have spoken about the whole thing. But has not come to the bank yet. I also have to pay 24 hours for this received. I don’t want to spend even 5 days. Please pay up to 5 days by email. If not, you can take a screenshot and go to the bank yourself. It’s also for work.

I have also lost videos on YouTube but it was not good on videos either. While watching the video, he has only done his thing. Not just by talking. I am also saying that you have to do it yourself. Now in the coming days, I will finish. You also have to pay your dues. This is what I have said. Google Adsense Payment Receipt from Youtube in Nepal they will be sent with us there. Hope we are waiting for the moment under this one to know this. 

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