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Welcome to Ashoj Month 2078Welcome to Ashoj Month 2078

Welcome to Ashoj Month 2078 is the 6th month of Calander will be coming in Nepali Calendar. The first day of this month is Vishwakarma Pooja will be held into each and every month will becomes in once in Year. Under this month will be running the 31st day will be spent under this day. In this month we have a big festival like Dashain Festival and 16 Sarata will coming in this month.

Ashoj is an important and good favorite month will be going anywhere else to visit there. During this month a lot of people will be returning their own home to meet own father and mother also too. During this month we have been spending over with the different place of people will be made meet with each other there.

During this month the people will be gathered into the main city area to buy and sell their product into the market place with the different offer will be doing there. During this month the people will be making a plan with the different place to move on Himalaya area to travel there. This month is your favorite month will come for you.

Hope the first of the month will make rainfall and a little bit of cold will be felt during this month. During this month we have been facing it out a lot of things will be created over there. But due to Covid-19, we are unable to meet other people and gather with the group of people who will be meeting them. Some of the symptoms that will be make create in the Covid-19 case will be met more than in a group place area.

Nepali people will be make remembering under this one. What a great moment will be spending as the previous year and this year. They can be compared under this month also too. During this month people will make busy own lifestyle to collect money and invest a lot of things to sell their own products from home.

Welcome to Ashoj Month 2078 I am really excited to see such a kind of moment to feel it out there. Some of the moments I ever will be forgotten into my life which they can be following with me here also too. Hope this moment will be waiting for moments under it. There is a lot of change that happens in our life to face out this moment. During this month what news will be coming to create in society I will be mention out to you here.

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