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My Vishwakarma Pooja in Nepal 2078 in Home

My Vishwakarma Pooja in Nepal 2078 in Home is was held during the Ashoj month of First Day this Pooja will be held in the Nepal and Indian countries. Since the morning time, they have been waking up from the bedroom, and then he/they will do a shower in the bathroom. Wearing fresh clothes and they have to take an image of Vishwakarma with the iron, Vehicle they have to take Pooja in a once in a year.

All of the vehicles they have been working the Pooja with their own home. Even some of the people will be calls the Pandit to take a long Pooja into there. Some of the big companies have been also to be celebrated this festival. Some of the vehicles will be helping us. Due to we will make remember this Vishwakarma each and every part. For example,’ when you buy a car or bike you will take Pooja before into the home and once during this day you can take Pooja also too.’

Today I have been waking up from the morning time which I bring a sweet from yesterday bring in Home. Then I take a wash of my face there. Even the mother will be make ready the Pooja item to give to me there. Then I will be making a Pooja into my Scooter over there and even I have to take a video into my own home there. Even I will be trying to make video into the home there.

Then the rest of the people will be made Pooja’s own home there. Some of the people will be made clean and clear before taking a Pooja there. Since the people will be doing this they have to make decorations amount the vehicle also too. Some of the clips they have been sharing this own way. Some the people will be made expire learn from this.

During this day rest of company will be made close down. They cannot do any time over there. Just they have been using take Pooja over there. They have been invited the other people to take a sweet into their mouth and eat some items there. During this time we can to calls, more people will be making party over there.

My Vishwakarma Pooja in Nepal 2078 in Home always I have been doing this day. We will make remember this day to Pooja over there. Hope you will be make did this day to remember it. Once this year will be making water flowing into there. The whole day spending time of Rainfall into the Pokhara Valley side also too there.

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