Happy Children Day in Nepal 2078

Happy Children Day in Nepal 2078 is coming on September 14, 2021, in Nepali date on Bhadra 29, 2078 under this date they will make celebrated this day. Children are the greatest things in their life which they cannot know everything while during childhood time. We need to take control and preserve to save their children’s day in Nepal. Mostly we will be finding out the streets road they were moving over to take dirty parties over there.

Most of the company they have been running their office to make service and preserve their children into the office hour to save their children over there. Even day by day it will increase the number of people will be added it there. But during this day they will make them happy and they will be making a small program to give and inspire working under this save the children in different part in Nepal. 

Why doesn’t the government of Nepal lose to children?

Why do people here lose their son and daughter? Not done here for children. Many people’s children are on the way. There are also people here who are hungry for their food. Here people go everywhere for their work. People here may not even have their own homes. You don’t even have to live in your own house. Others sleep in fear of home. Why the government of Nepal has lost, they will not lose for the people of their country. Here, people also sit for a while. Nowadays, the government has to understand this and itself.

We have to love children. Maya has to do her own thing. Because of Maya, children also have to think about their life. People here have been thinking about what to do since they were little. Nowadays, ordinary children have to do their own thing. Children should not be abused or beaten in your family.

I have walked a lot, children. You can also go to the garbage dumps to pick up your garbage. Why is it that our government has not controlled children? You are very much in the country of India. Children do not know everything. There is a lot of abuse here. We don’t even have to do that. Happy Children Day in Nepal 2078 hope they will be doing safe into the right way to shelter there. They will need their children to save it. 

Children who have been abandoned by other parents are also brought up in their own office. The love of your family is very strong. There is nothing like your family. Children are not celebrated in the country today. There are places in the country where children have to be controlled. 


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