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My Saturday blog Story Part 53

My Saturday blog Story Part 53 of September 4, 2021 I wake up early the morning time I see the outside the place from the windows to see the weather isn’t good or not. Then I take a mobile to see check the GramFree roll into there. Then I come back towards from bed wake up from there. Then I will make take hot water into the kitchen room. Then I wash my face over there. After a few minutes I take a long break in toilet. Then I take a tea into the kitchen room.

Since morning I were check into the gramfree roll and update the article over there. Then I will be make happy under to sharing the some kind of people over there. Since the people will be make interesting working under there. We are working under this one. Even i have been share two or three post into my website blog to mention them.

After the 10 am I were taking a launch break with the mother and sister into the kitchen room there. Then I take a rest over a minutes there. I take a brush a teeth in kitchen room there. Then I will make watch the TV over there. I were watch the YouTube video of bhadragol serial to watch there. After I will be make sleep over there. Then there is two or four missed call will coming into my mobile that father were calling to me there. After then I call to father he didn’t receive the phone.

After a 12 pm at afternoon time he were call to coming the bijaya pool bridge near from that place you will coming with Scootor there. Then I move there. I talk to mother your husband were called to me then I will be leave the room. She were some watching news from TV then I said please close this with direct line then close to door there.

I received the father under his mention place there. We are moving the hospitalchowk to working into the Bhadra Buddha rice mill to checking their problem there. Within a hour we’re have been spending over there. We were spending over more then 6 hour further working into this place there. Whole half hour I were spending under this place. Even two time I going to own home to bring the part of Machinery iteam from home.

At last I were much more hungry to eat some biscuits and over there. Then we will be back towards the home and then I were take this own home there. Then my Saturday blog Story Part 53 will be ended. Hope you will be looking forward to see next part what happen will be happen this post to  update there.

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