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Bhadra Buddha Rice Mill in Pokhara

Bhadra Buddha Rice Mill in Pokhara at ward no 12 Pokhara place during this rice mill in held to know this running their business over there. This rice mill was old machinery which running out the owner at a past time. They have made this business another will the rent for every month they have to do this one. Under this rice mill, we have different facilities that will be doing this thing will be working on this one. 

There is a small problem that will be creating happen wiring line over the bit the mouse over there under the three-phase line over there. Even the people who will be unknown while making this three-phase line will be doing this one over there. Since the morning time, they will be calling with me there. Under the father’s phone calling over there to meet with them there. 

After we went to that place, the brother who runs the hybrid Ricky Mill has an opinion to run it. The other person in this mill has an opinion to do his work first. It is used to drink rice, millet, other food items. It is delivered to the people at home. You can also see it in this photo. If you like it, you can use it again. Also If you like it, you can go to this mill. He has done as you say.

These people are also new. These people don’t even know it well. They are fast here. They have done their job to run this mill. They have saved paddy here. Beating in the mill and doing your own business. It is also difficult for people here to understand their peers. Please do a good job here. People from Customer should also go here. Once you can believe on Bhadra Buddha Rice Mill in Pokhara go there and find it there. 

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