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Introducing WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps

Introducing WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps gives an unprecedented experience of high-speed broadband internet up to 300 Mbps across all corners of your house. This is made possible with the smart installation of multiple routers, in a Mesh Wi-Fi network, mounted at the right position in the house to give a seamless coverage of Wi-Fi internet across the house. Unlike the Wi-Fi extenders, mesh Wi-Fi enables customers to log into a single Wi-Fi network across the length and breadth of the house without the waning of internet speed and experience. 

They have given experience and service to satisfied with working into their home and office working their home and office. Even we have heard this update under the Kathmandu Valley like Battisputali, New Baneshwor, Dhungedhara, Gatthaghar, Sallaghari, Baluwatar, Pepsi-cola, Koteshwor, Manbhawan, Sitapaila, Dholahiti, Kalimati, Bansbari, Kirtipur, Satungal, Kaldhara, Bouddha, Banepa, Balaju, Imadol and Kapan this are the place they have been mention out this service will be available to use this. 

Standard Plans and Pricing

Months 300 Mbps
With TV (3) Without TV
1 Month Rs. 2200 Rs. 2100
3 Months Rs. 6450 Rs. 6150
12 Months Rs. 22000 Rs. 21000


One Time Charge Dual Band (ONU) Drop Wire Deposit (ONU) Smart Installation
1 Month Rs. 2500 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 3000
3 Months Rs. 2000 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 3000
12 Months Free Free Rs. 500 Rs. 3000

Installation of Beacon 1.1 with Mesh System

For every Beacon 1.1 Beacon 1.1 Rental Beacon 1.1 Deposit
1 Month Rs. 4000 Rs. 2500
3 Months Rs. 3000 Rs. 2500
12 Months Rs. 2000 Rs. 2500


One Time Charge for STB Primary STB Primary STB Deposit Secondary STB Secondary STB Deposit
1 Month Rs. 3000 Rs. 500 Rs. 2000 Rs. 500
3 Months Rs. 2500 Rs. 500 Rs. 2000 Rs. 500
12 Months Free Rs. 500 Rs. 2000 Rs. 500

Introducing WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps with home and office they have announced using this service each and every part of the home they will be made easier to running their internet use between them there. While the engineer will be testing out the since few 6 months ago before they have been testing out this service to bring towards the customer to using this service from there. 

Under today’s living under the Facebook Page, their engineer teams and hosting person will be talking about to announce this Photon Series into their service give better and good experience overworking to use their internet service to give a customer to use this one. A lot of complaining happens to see in internet slow into home and office time. This offer will be covered all over the home and overall to see this feature to upgrade this feature to use this one. 

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