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Guru Shishya Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Guru Shishya Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 on Sunday episode in Super Dancer Chapter 4 with Farah Khan will be joining out this episode there. She will be joined in this episode in which Shishya will be celebrated as Teacher Days with the Guru while showing the social dance with them to know there. Even they will follow the teacher also too. Even they will be celebrated as with this shows over there. Fully entertainment act will be showing under this episode there. 

The stage has danced with Akash and Anish. They are trying to do their best here. Everyone has commented that the craft is well worn and Liber has also been given. Farah, Geeta, and Shilpa were well-done acts and give better awesome performances from today to see this special while doing this one there. 

Prithviraj and Supernil are dancing on Stage here. The dance here is always good. Farah Khan has given a very good comment and Shilpa has also given a good comment. Even Shilpa and Geeta will be given a good comment and they will be happy to see their performance over there. 

Florina and Tushar are dancing together on Stage here. It is also fun to dance here. Even Farah was looking great while seen over their battle with the old contestants as the teacher celebrated into there. Even they were between getting a dance over there. Shilpa and Geeta were given well done and keep acting over this dance to see there. 

Arsiya and Anurag are dancing together on Stage. The people here will do their dance well. The dance here is also good. Everyone has given good comments and Farah Khan herself has become emotional. I said I had never seen this dance. Geeta and Shilpa were good acts and nice to see over this over this one there. 

Isha and Sonali are dancing together on Stage. The dance here is also good. Here they are also trying to do well in their own dance. Farah has also commented that she has done this dance well. Shilpa is also forced to break the silence is also good. And Liber also gave here. Geeta will be a happy moment of dance were good and nice for us really enjoy it a lot there. 

Amardeep and Amit were dancing into the stage side there will make working over there. Shilpa will be given over there I am not satisfied while this acting performance there. Farah will be a fan of Amardeep while dancing on the stage there. Geeta as today isn’t good for seen over this act performance doing this over there. Hope she will be given liber from there. 

Guru Shishya Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 episode was ended here under this Sunday episode hope you will be keeping in touch into next week they will be followed with us and kee trying to listen out this way to know them over to know them well for this one. 

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