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Are You Satisfy for eSewa Staff Work in 2021

Are You Satisfy for eSewa Staff Work in 2021 No we aren’t happy to get as satisfying a way to using any share the problem related with a social media platform to share the problem there as well as a toll-free number to mention the problem there. Yes, I will be understood there is a lot of customers user in eSewa but your working style and working period in office hour will aren’t happy to getting an immediate response any office time to call back to customer user who is trouble the problem in eSewa.

How many Percentage of Customers service isn’t happy with eSewa Staff?

There is 90% of people will not be satisfied while working to solve their problem related regarding give proper information throw the teams. A lot of people will comment us said, ” Why are you using this platform. Using there is another way of digital platforms to using easy and fast way to getting satisfied from their”. I would like some problem under we I have been faced to eSewa Staff, Since few days I have trouble to get the Link to Bank error from eSewa Apps which I inform to via Phone Call with Toll-Free then they have said you send me social media platforms or email with us to share your screenshot we will be looking to easily to get solve theirs.

But I have followed up each and every hour which to contact to staff to work this one. At last, I have got KYC verified fail or error will be created there. Then I will be again calling them about this KYC verified. 100 of Call I will do in Toll-Free number of eSewa. They only said to me, We are working under your issue after your issue verify our teams will confirm your documents details then we will be request verification with teams working with them.

Under this case, I have been wait for 5 days back to getting approved to get KYC verified into my eSewa ID. Then I think into my mind I will never any problems to eSewa Staff then I will leave same to do this thing happen error to faced it out there. Further, I have requested under this period of time to give me some effect during this transaction will be stopped there.

Did You have to Solve your Problem within Hour or Day in eSewa?

Maximum they have made to customers like pending to process to further working too late response and replied to follow the customer service to give them satisfying to them. Some small problems or big problems they try to take as serious way to action under the customer-facing the problem within the hour to getting mention with us. But they never did follow the customer re-back call to the user to give them service facilities to give them.

It will take more than 3 or 2 days to get one problem solve. But the customer will be leaving this eSewa using this platform then I will make a loss with them. If the customer will be left this then company might be going down they never will be trusted with the Staff work and behavior to talking with customers as polite speak to them.

Are You Satisfy for eSewa Staff Work in 2021 I neve believe with work in staff of eSewa they unable to make them happy using this platform. Since few past days hasn’t made them out solve under my issue to get to face them. But I am afraid with the eSewa Teams or Staff further going in past a few days ago. But their behavior working I have really understood it well. Hope I never can be share this type of ever forget in a lifetime which they make me hold under those past 5 days ago which happen with me or my eSewa ID to get KYC verified processed.

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