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Shall 5 Day KYC Verified Update in eSewa 2021

Shall 5 Day KYC Verified Update in eSewa 2021 is the digital platform first time ever they have been launched out in Nepal. According to the user those who are trying to make KYC verified processing in eSewa it will take longer time within 5 Day pending approval from eSewa Team. They have said, ” According to Rastra Nepal Bank would say that within 24-48 hours it will take to verify their KYC process in eSewa.”

What type of Document will be Required in KYC in eSewa

1. You need a Pp Size Image.
2. Front and Back Parts of your citizenship, License, and Passport will be required needed.
3. Details Under your full name.
4. Fill up details about your details on your profile.

This is were required to need to process in KYC verified in eSewa. But the staff will be taking the longest time to solve their longer time take 5 days while updating the KYC verified into account. But sometimes it will be made longer to getting processed on eSewa verify their account immediately.

Why eSewa getting my 5 days to verified KYC pending Approval?

Because certain I have got troubles to sending some documents part from the citizenship to sending from the Apps and Website browsing to sending them documents to Teams. Even day today I have been called under the toll-free number of eSewa to request to please verify my KYC into my eSewa account. But they will say to me you aren’t sending a back part of your documents, some person will shall you made two accounts under this same eSewa ID and different types of questions will be told about me.

Even I have been share into Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, and Facebook Page they will doing the late response towards the simple problem to solve this. Under these 5 Days, my transaction was blocked from sending money to eSewa to eSewa ID. Even as I am troubled to load money from Bank and withdrawn the Bank transfer.

Those who join it out under the eSewa about the KYC policy teams will make more Hamper to make tension to users. Even I am an old user for a long time I have to Use these Apps to further good and fast service to use to run some facilities service to give my customers to them. Under the 5 days, the customer will be toucher what happened into your KYC account in eSewa ID. This thing th y were said to me.

What response eSewa Staff told to me Under this KYC Verified?

They have made the lazy working under my KYC verified into my eSewa ID to getting trouble under working with eSewa Staff to do. They aren’t taking action immediately way to use to make them within the hour to get verified into my eSewa ID. I am too much angry while they have made fake information to give we are working under your issue and we will extremely sorry for your inconvenience message for your delay to fixed your issue under KYC verified.

Shall 5 Day KYC Verify Update in eSewa 2021 this is a system they have made under this case happen into eSewa ID? But I am unable to get trust with eSewa Staff further doing this working to after the 5 days to get KYC verified my ID. Since last year I have ever raised some of the issues related to the eSewa related problems to share with them but they are unable to make follow with us and don’t respond to update with the customer to getting feedback to using their Apps.

But I cannot be trusted with working under the eSewa department working under case stories will happen to face it out into my life. If the user will be finding this problem let me know this case your side know. If you have face any issue to will your ignorance all those them they didn’t take action under the customer service feedback or comment under any social media and a toll-free number to give you complain to tells them. Yes, I am getting the 5 days approved to get KYC verified in eSewa ID.

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