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We Fitting the Old Motor Repair in Ghatechina in Pokhara

We Fitting the Old Motor Repair in Ghatechina in Pokhara while we have been taking the motor infornt the scooter to further going under this place to moving under this. Since the people will be were problem under this Rice Mill over this place. Further, we will be visiting this place during the morning time to see there. During this morning time, we have to go this place to meeting under this place there. While he will be sharing the moment under this place to do this one over there. Since that person will be talking about the rate under motor feeling charge to said them. 

We have arrived at this at 8 am morning time there. It might be sun raise outside the place from there. We will be doing a slow ride under this scooter from this place. Some of the parts where the road will be fine to ride the scooter to do there. Since part, where isn’t a bad road, will be made offroad, will be facing out there. While entering under this place that person owner of the rice mill people will be waiting with us there. 

That person will be calling with the phone call when did you coming for this. We will be coming to your place nearer from there. You need to wait for the moment will be waiting for this one. Even the people will be doing this working under this place further working under there. First, we will be fitting the motor while outdoor part while we have been put this one. Slow we have been doing there. Even the owner’s sons will be seen over there. 

After half an hour we have to fit this Motor under the Disk Mill to checking into there. While we have been checking under to doing to current fitting under there. All those working with the father I cannot work this thing from there. Even I have been said helping to make share the tools of the setting box given to them there. 

We Fitting the Old Motor Repair in Ghatechina in Pokhara under this place a few days ago, but I have been delayed in sharing this post will mention it to you here to know them this way to blog to write under this one there. Hope you will be doing this one to know this way to do things there. 

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