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Urgent Problem in Rice Mill Motor in Ghatechina

Urgent Problem in Rice Mill Motor in Ghatechina, while there is a problem, happens the 10 H.P motor working the Disk mil over from there. Since the Ghatechina there is two rice mill will be there same located over there. Since the people will know this mill over that location people from there. Since the people will be visiting both of mill house from there. Due to evening time, we have been arrived under this place to move on there. Since the worrier to see this check further asking for working into this place to check there. 

We also went to that place to work. We even got on our scooters to do this. And looking at the roads was not very good. Somewhere the rod was fine and somewhere the rod was not good. We also do a lot of work for our rod. Of course, we have gone too far. And after going to this place, we checked the motor. And then we checked the motor and it was not right to lose. And the motor was bad. We also took the motor on our scooter towards Pokhara.

People also came to this mill. And not many people came to the mill. One or two people have come to the mill. There is an opinion that the son will beat them in the mill. It used to be by his mother. And later his son also tried to run. And it’s okay to run Jay in the mill. And we also worked by opening the motor. Motor open and we take. This is what we take for granted. And it costs money. Here I would bring new ones and then we would work according to what we said. You have to do it yourself to do your job.

We took a car and went to our pond. We took the car and went to the shop we knew. And the people we always work for in the shop we know are also for us. And with that guy, we do the motor work here. We also brought our own scooter for the motor. And it was raining even when I brought it. And we have done our job slowly. And we are also slowly moving our thinking. Urgent Problem in Rice Mill Motor in Ghatechina will be open the part from there. The main part will b inside the scooter in front of them we have to move that motor into our place in Pokhara to fix this one. 

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