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Good Bye Shrawan Month 2078

Good Bye Shrawan Month 2078 days of longer will be started under this month. Since there it will be started few days ago to welcome this month in Nepali. As the Nepali Calendar we gave faced to welcome the 4th month of this year. There is 32 days will be running on it. Since this month we have been spending a lot of things over to feels it out there. Under this a lot of people will be Changes to feels it there. Even we have been wearing some of latest news happen under this month. Under this month we have been loose in Lockdown in the world part of Nepal.

While open the lockdown it might be increased the number of Covid-19 case will be raise up from here to know. Even we need aware this problem to safe ownself to do this one. Even the lot of people will be do this things to know well for this one. Even this month I got the lot of one article which been paid for them to write into the blog there.

Shrawan Month is the ever green month which the female will be make fasting their food item. Even they haven’t eat a meat at home. Because during this month all meat shop Wil be quiet shutdown there. Each and every year during this it will be happen to see this. Under the Monday days every week the female will make shower at home and visit the Shiva Mandir to take Pooja over there. Lord will be pray for one month this. This 5 Monday will be seen over to celebrate the Pooja of Shiba Mandir from there.

During this month we have all time we have been visit to travel to syangja place only further working into this place there. Even we have been all the place of Pokhara Valley to working into there. During this month I have working hard to reach to collected money from YouTube channel ot growth esay there. One of viral of video will be raise over there to know them collected the money from adsense. Next month I will be received the money from the adsense account there.

I will really a hard working under the YouTube channel to make successful the first payment from YouTube Journey. Even one year and 4 month I will be getting the receive the money from YouTube. Let’s see what happen to know up coming days to wait for this. This is great time to know for this one. Hope it will be raise the budget to know all of audiences level to make working hard into the video to reach them there.

Good Bye Shrawan Month 2078 I will be remember to this month ever into my life which I first time ever meet the payment from the YouTube channel to collect money there. Make sure that you will be keep support and love with me here to know there. Even the people will be finding to me and follow it there. Hope this month will be already ended it here.

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