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Welcome to Shrawan Month 2078

Welcome to Shrawan Month 2078 is the longest day will be running this month. This month we have Nagapanchami and Shrawan 15 we have been celebrating this festival over there. This month had 32 Days running to end the part of Nepal. This month is the 4th of the month of the Nepali Calendar will be running it out there. Only this month we have seen only longer days will spending to face it out this one there.

Shrawan is the opening of the month of government case of the story will be open the new one will be created this thing will be happening on this one. Since the people will be paid the tax for their land into the home they will be open the paid the tax for this different place of ward office to paid tax over there. Even we have been paid for annual to tax paid for land to the governments.

Today I have been cutting my hair for a long time I have been wait for this moment to share with you here. Now you will make me reach and a number of people will be given to support to me here. Hope this place will be moving under this one too faced it out to see this thing happen under it.

Hope you will be happy to see this month to welcome the Shrawan month 2078 in Nepal. This is only the Nepali Calendar new month will be welcome the first day we have reached over these things happen to see there. Even the month people will be cultivated their land planting the rice into their land into the village area side to see there.

Still, the monsoon will be continued under this month we have been faced it out this month also too. Due to heavy rainfall, we need worrier to listen to the news of landslides and floods with the different places to see there. Even this time we need make to take some rest land which cannot go for landslide and flood in a safe place there.

Hope your new day will begin to be nice and great fun to reach the number of people will be meeting to succeed to move on there. Hope you will be continued to earn much more money from there also too. Let’s see what happens will be faced it out this seems those days will remember us there.

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