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Welcome to Bhadra Month of 2078

Welcome to Bhadra Month of 2078 is the 5th month of the Nepali calendar of Nepal. It will be running the 31 Days longer days we have been spending this day. During this month we have to get a lot of things to happen to see this one. Even we have been taking this one much more and more spending days will be passed on it. During this month I have been wait for my first payment from the YouTube channel. Since the hard working under the YouTube channel for longer period of time into there to know it.

This month will bring a lot of things that will be changed into my life. Under this month we have made to renew my Licence date for 5 years back to see this one. There are no more days will be spending on it. Then I will be doing this one. Hope they will do this one from there.

This month we have festival will be running to see their like Teej, Janai Purnima and many more festivals will be held under this month. During this time we need-aware from this virus attack to see this face into their life to attack from there. During this time we need to take more and more decisions to Learn something new about it. Hope so will be a lot of things will be changed in my life. Hope this month I will be share more things under my website’s blog to see there.

Bhadra Month will change the season which comes the Winter season will be felt to see there. Even the people will be worriers to wait for the winter season to stay to take clothes with much more into their body to do. Even the people will be were to see the outside place of Sun. Make sure you will be might be getting the Covid-19 Vaccine will be taken as the first dose.

There is a lot of change will happen to see weather update and their latest news will happen under to listen to it out this. Hope all the people will know this way to learn from there. After finesh this month, next month will become a Dashain festival will come there. There will be a lot of festivals will be waiting for the moment under this one.

Welcome to Bhadra Month of 2078 hope this month will bring a lot of life’s style will be changed to make happy think will be happening on it. I hope so you will keep staying turns on it We will be waiting for this moment in it. Still, the people will know this month will be changed to happen to feels that moment of a new month in Nepal.

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