Why the Government of Nepal didn't give Vaccine for All

Why the Government of Nepal didn’t give Vaccine for All we have spending one lockdown and a second lockdown you had to make this lockdown in Nepal. But everything you tell us is getting the vaccine all of the people will be fine to the vaccine with the safe from the Virus. Even you have given the age of 60+ people to take the vaccine with the Frist dose there. They have told us we will give all of Nepali to getting ready for a vaccine with them but they didn’t do this vaccine over the people over there. 

But some people will be taken the second and first and dose to take this vaccine over there. But I haven’t got the first dose of this vaccine from the place Nepal side. But the government will be taking the down at immediately way to do this thing happen under there. We need to take action on what the policy will be doing for all of them over there. They will be doing this vaccine over there people were taking this service to save from this virus over there. 

Some of bigger country they have been ding both doses to take a vaccine of Covid-19 to back it as a normal condition for working back there. But our Nepal government didn’t make them vaccines while the people will be worrier to doing the vaccine over there. 

I am requesting to all government to you can making the first dose to all them as even small and bigger people they can do this vaccine whole around the country of  Nepal side to do another dose for the second time there. We have spent the time over the lockdown with the people will be spending over there. But we didn’t check out the report to test it there. But we know vaccines will be made but the government didn’t get a chance with the vaccine over there.

You may be questioning this Why the Government of Nepal didn’t give Vaccine for All to we have got the vaccine as soon as possible the upcoming we need to be taken fast and fast within a month or week to take down this. You will make the nurse of doctor whole ward place to collect the data to know them there. 

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