Working in Phedikhola on Syangja Today

Working in Phedikhola on Syangja Today at 8:30 am we arrived at this place moving with the vehicle of Scooter over this place to moving over there. Even the people will be waiting with us there. But the village people didn’t take rice while the mill cannot working it nicely over there. They will be making this solution as soon as possible over there. Even the big problem happens to under the place of Huskar mill over. He will be open the first phase-only not another part to open there. While we have to start that machine there is found sound happen to see this way over there. 

I and my father will be worried to open the part to Geyer to open the Huskar mill over there. Even I will be trying to open that machine of Huskar over there. Then I will be trying to make open it already even the father also to making the working over there. He will be worrier to clean that part which we will bring it from the place of home side bring this then we will take money from this one. We have been open all of the items only from the machine part then we need to clean that own clothes over there. 

Even I clan that part while the father will bring out the machine part over there mill side there. Even I direct clean that I will be inside the pocket of the father there. Even the two-part of were cannot work it nicely over there. Now the mill will be fine after the 2 hours we have fixing this mill over there. Even there are not people who will be making this coming over this mill house there. Even the people will be busy own working with the planting the rice paddy in their own fields there. 

Working in Phedikhola on Syangja Today under this place to move under this Tuesday during the vehicle will be running out roadside there. Our vehicle cannot run with the tomorrow day so that why we have been moving ahead over this place. We have to take any working to happen we have spent the days over the house there. 


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