Good Morning From Phedikhola Syangja

Good Morning From Phedikhola Syangja was a village development committee in Syangja District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census. It is the highway under the place of Butwal and Bhawaira place of Nepal. This Syangja is a large village area which the people will be lives under this place. This is also the small village where the people will be live around the riverside as well as the upper side of hills area of Forest side they have been lives on there. 

Phedikhola is the river name where people will know this place well. We have moved the different place of from this highway side the people will be able to travel and feels their journey from this place to moving on there. There are the police checking under the vehicle around the bridge side of Phedikhola. There is always cold and awesome weather will happen under this village side there. 

Mostly the people will be lives under the different cast of people will be lives on here. This place no more than a larger city like Pokhara valley. This is a small city where we can bring the service product the daily life of food item will bring the Bazar side there. Under this place, we have been finding the two rivers flowing in the one way to flow there. 

Phedikhola has been located as a Tourist area where the people can be travel this place to move on there. There is various kind of people will be live on the forest of hills side there. Good Morning From Phedikhola Syangja you can able to visiting this place were can feels this place over the morning time. Even I have been taking this shot own mobile to taken down the morning photography to mention to you here. 

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