I'm so tired today from work

I’m so tired today from work That’s why we went to a place called Syangja in the morning. We have also gone our own way. People are not allowed to eat rice in that place. The mill has also been running in place since today. The people of that place also had to learn how to eat rice. Today was free and we went to that place in the morning. And after we went to that place, we did our job. There is an opinion that it is time to eat while working.

We also opened the mill. Here is what he did. I also did my job to open the mill. I also work because I haven’t worked with a lot of people at the mill. I have also done this for work. This work has also been done by Phather. We have to work hard, we have to work hard for our work. After going to this place, I was too tired to travel and Chuck was also in pain. I was bored while staying at home, but it also happened to me because I stayed at home for so many days.

And from that place again we also went to Lekhenath in Pokhara because we had to go to get some rice and we also went to that place. It was very hot in that place. Was done. In the summer season, people were not interested in selling. But the heat was intense. We hadn’t been to going anywhere. When we went to Jada Pokhara, the sun was shining so brightly that I didn’t even feel like basking in the sun.

On the way, I got thirsty and I also drank water. I stopped my scooter and I was hungry. Because of the hiccups here and there, I am also overwhelmed. The road was not good, even though it seemed to be a road to drive after. I even went to this place today and looked at myself. So that I’m so tired today From work while move here and there places over there. 

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