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This Weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli on Sunday

This Weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli on Sunday of June 13, 2021, it held on Sony TV at 8pm at Sony television shows there. This Weekend they have spent with the new guru will change to will doing this one over the stage side there. This weekend was doing working it super and one doing this one over there.

First contestants will be making performances over there. Parithik and Anuradha both them doing the first Dancer on the stage over there. Parithik will be making the crying it lot thereafter finesh the dance over there. She will make the mistake dance over there she will be crying for this one. While making mistakes we have to make an improvement over there.

Shilpa gave a strong while doing her mistake on dancer there. Anurag will make good strong comments with them there. He will give a liber with her performance there. His own old Guru and New Guru will be making a dance on stage over there. Geeta and Shilpa will give a liber also their performance there.

Sumit and Sonail will make the pair of dance during this weekend they have to make change the Guru on super dancer stage there. Both of them doing well performance dance on the stage there. Geeta Kapur will be given an outstanding performance today you’re getting up this graphic on the stage. She will give me liber. Shilpa will give a good comment today. She tells them super will tell them. She will give a liber also. Anrau will give within a week they have made changes happen to see this dance there. He will give liber also too.

Sumit will be comment with the new Guru over there. He didn’t feel it while making this working with her there. He will make enjoy yourself with you there. Sonali makes enjoy with them over there. He will remember the old Guru will make while re Halsall this. He will try to make enjoy themselves with them there.

Sumit’s mother will dance on the stage there with the request of Shilpa. She will do a good dance over there. Even will own sons will looking there. Anshika and Vardika both of them pair of new gurus dance over the stage into this week. They have been changed from old Guru with new Guru on stage there. all judges will make stand up from the chair with their performance over there. Anurag will make them good comments and give a liber there. Geeta will give also the liber there and Good well done. Shilpa will make to feels doubled Vardika feels to see this on the stage there.

Shilpa will make the stand-up and speak over there. She will make a Stair to stand up from there. Geeta Kapur will request Shilpa to teach the dance of Vardika dance style there. Shilpa will try the dance over there stage there. Shilpa will give liber there. Sanchit and Aryan will make a new Guru with the change the old Gurun in this week there.

Both of them were making them good dance on there. Geeta Kapur will give liber while the songs will be stopped then. She cannot be talked over there. She will be made lead down the leg on down give a better dance there. Shilpa will make like current over there while to see the Sanchit will be shown this magic there. She will give a liber and stair on stand up from there.

Anurag will give a comment over them there. Aryan will speak less while talking with each other there. He will break the cup with the performance of the Dance today there. He will be given liber also too there. Vladika will be crying while to see there. She will Sanchit dance with the Guru of Aryan over there to see the life there.

Sanchit’s father will make them Geeta Kapur will make an impression give a Sahari over them Geeta there. Even he will make a chosen color the with same on Geeta dress also too. Even the Shilpa will make this bring this one. They make a battle over the stage today there. All of them doing their best and battle with them all.

Isha and Vaibhav will be made with New Guru this weekend there. Even she will do best over there. Both of them well performance over there. They will make fun with them over there. They have made fun dance on the stage there.

Shilpa will give me a laugh during this season 4 I can laugh under this season 4. Shilpa will bring the stairs to give stand up there. Geeta Kapur will be given a laugh over there while dancing performances with them. She will give brain like give this one. She will be given liber also too. Anurag will also give good comments to them.

Isha will have a complaint while making the re halls all on dance there. He will make me dance there over there. While taking the eat the food there. She eats a Golpa will make eat the food there. She will like anything to eat food. Even the Sumit will give a dialog over them there.

Both of them really enjoy themselves there. Pankaj Neerja both of them were making the new Guru into this week there. They have made dance on the stage side there. They have true and well-performed over there with the judges will see the dance there.

All the judges will be make stand up from chair chaps with them. Geeta Kapur hasn’t spoken less while dancing performances over there. She will cry it lot there. She will feel make an emotion over the acting there. She will give me liber. Shilpa will give a comment on them well done and give a liber also too there. Anurag will give comments he will stand up to talk from the chairside.

Anurag will make enjoy their dance on the stage side there. He will also give liber also too. Neerja’s father and mother will call in the live shows there. She will make a cry while see over after a long time to see on video call there. She will miss with own parent there. Without parent, she will make alone on the stage side there. Judges will make coming the back on stage he will make come back on super dancer there back on stage there.

They have made the future to see back on the big stage over there. Some comments will give a Shilpa will with her performances on dance there. Shilpa will give hugs to Neerja there. All of the big huge with the Neerja there.

Today’s performance of days of the week on Sunday with the Vardika will give this one. They have shows Patanjali will shows into the screen over there. This weekend will be ended here. Hope will continue for next time with the new phase of the article over there. This show will be ended here right nowhere. Hope you will keep staying safe from there. This weekend Super Dancer Chapter 4 Adla Badli on Sunday will really enjoy this moment as I will also be entertained over there. 

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